Thursday, November 5, 2015

It's time to SANTAtize!

Thankful Day # 5
Today I am thankful...for all of you!  Without you....I would not have had the adventure of a lifetime creating all these fun and wonderful craft items....and sharing them with thank you...for all you do....for being there...not just as a client...but as my friend!
So when I was deciding what to blog today...I wanted to share with you another fun craft I am creating for my craft show this weekend.....we are all very focused on keeping germs away...and the holidays is probably the worst time for spreading of germs...we are hugging and kissing and in contact with many more people than I have the perfect gift for you and for you to create (or purchase from me) this holiday season...and it's pretty cute too! If I must say so myself....
It's time to.....
Is this not the cutest crafty craft you have seen?  and it involves one of my favorite things....punch art!
These little bottles I picked up at the dollar store....and they are the larger sizes so you get 2 for $1....well, I had some on hand that I had picked up last year and was going to craft something with can relate, right?  Well, when I saw this idea on a fellow demonstrator's web site, Linda Bauwin...and Frenchie...I had to create them to share with you all at my holiday craft show....
They are perfect for stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, neighbors...anyone....and if they chose to throw them in their purse or just sit out somewhere, they are super cute too...and after Christmas is over and if there is still hand sanitizer left, the sleeve just pulls right off and you can either save it for next year or attach to another bottle!  Cute, right? didn't start off's what my desk looked like when I was creating my first few
Do you know that when you post a picture on Facebook, you get more looks and likes on a messy desk picture than the completed project finished.  Why is that?  Hmmmmmm.....In my case, I like seeing that other craft like me...what a mess...but the completed project.....well...just scroll on up above and that'll show you!  lol

I got so crazy with these, I ran back to the Dollar Tree and purchased a ton more hand sensitizers...even larger if you don't want your desk to look like mine above, come on by the VFW on Wyoming Avenue in Kingston from 10 to 3 pm and purchase one or more from me.....and those you give them to will love them....and love you...for thinking about their well being and health during the upcoming holidays! 
Hope you have a fantastic stampin' day!
Glimmer Hugs!

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