Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thinking Outside the Box....

How about going outside the box with this year's colors for Christmas?
While red and green are traditional Christmas colors, I have a fun striking card to share with you today.  I did not create this card but it was one I had swapped at our local On Stage event in Baltimore which I attended.  The swap was white/black with a splash of color and this card certainly does that! 
I love the simplicity (as we are always rushed for time) but yet it is classy. 
I also love the large polka dot embossed background which you can see better in this picture.  I think she did an awesome job....sorry I lost the paper that was inside with you name, but I love this card idea.....how about you? 

This year for your holiday cards, step outside of your comfort zone and outside the box of tradition and make it special and make it yours!
I cannot wait to see what you have created...
PS....I love snail mail cards....so be sure to send me one of yours via snail mail and I'll send you one of mine (if you haven't already) and I can showcase all my holiday cards afterwards!
I look forward to see what you are creating and sharing with others!
Have a super stampin' day!
Glimmer Hugs!

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