Monday, April 4, 2016

Non Stamping Related but a Very Good Cause.....

Hello and Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great weekend....I did....I attended an event on Saturday for Little Angels...The group creates small gowns for babies that don't survive so their parents have something to put the babies in. They are created with wedding gowns....I had given them my wedding gown a few weeks and it was amazing on what they created with it.  It was just sitting around here in the preserved box and I had no need for it and my daughter wasn't interested in it, so when I heard of this organization, I knew it was something that I wanted to be involved with. 
Here are the pictures they sent to me on the outfits created. 

If you have a wedding gown that you would like to donate, please consider being a part of this.
Anyhow..they hosted a fundraiser on Saturday....a paint class.  Here is my creation.
It was a fun time and I'm really glad I was able to participate in this very worth cause.
Have a super stampin' day!
Glimmer Hugs!



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