Monday, May 16, 2016

May I Introduce.......

Here we go again!
Yup!  It's another Monday....and another day when I say....where did the weekend go?
Although the calendar says May, here in NE PA we have had the most craziest weather.  It went from the 50's to the 80's to the 40's....from sun, rain to sleet, T-storms, freezing rain and even snow....all in one week!
Someone better write Mother Nature and let her know it is the middle of May....time for winter to say bye-bye!  I almost thought I was going to have to turn on my furnace yesterday!  Brrrrrrrr
I do have to report tho....that I'm not sure what happened, but I started feeling back to myself on Saturday....I call it a gift from God...after feeling so badly for over one month!
So, it was time to clean off the porch....scrub down the cushions (as it appears the cats in my neighborhood feel my porch is their retreat) I took care of that.....cleaned my cushions from my cushions and put them away!  Cleaned the throw carpets and made it less appealing to them...cats be gone!  (for now anyhow). 
Also got the throw carpets cleaned inside as well....all the laundry done....and even a bit of cleaning!
So that was Saturday (after an early morning of stamping).  And Sunday, being so chilly, I spent a lot of time in my Stampin' Space too!  New product seems to help excite you and get you in the stampin' mood (which I haven't been for a few weeks).
So....let me share with you some new In Colors.
May I introduce you to our new In Colors 2016-2018:
During a recent On Stage Event in Utah, Brady Cox had a presentation and created cards that looked something like these.  I thought the background was such a cool idea...that I recreated them to share with you!
All she did (and me as well) was to use the center stamp from a new stamp set, Painter's Palette from the easel stamp, which is a square and inked and stamped over and over again..I think this shows off the new In Colors in a great way! here we go.....

Peekaboo Peach

Dapper Denim

Emerald Envy

Flirty Flamingo

Sweet Sugarplum
Now I don't have a favorite just let, because I love them all.  One of the reasons SU does new In Colors every two years is to freshen up our color choices....I think this some years, I'm not too in love with them until I start using them.....I LOVE THEM ALL! 
I love them all so much that I had to go ahead and order the reinkers as it seems as though my Peekaboo Peach (maybe it is secretly my favorite) already needs to be be sure whenever you are ordering new inks, ALWAYS, order the reinker bottle so you aren't like me stalking the UPS man awaiting their arrival!  :-)
So that's it for today....I know....I was quite chatty....sorry about that!  :-)
Hope you have a wonderful stampin' day!
Glimmer Hugs!

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