Thursday, June 30, 2016

Celebrating my 16th year as a demonstrator with Stampin' Up!

I love being a demonstrator...did I say that out loud?  OMG....I hope you heard me!
There.....I WAS yelling it....from my stampin' space....but heard me! ask?
What else can give me the satisfaction I receive every time I take an ink to paper?
What a thrill it is every time I come home to find a box on my porch with the Stampin' Up! name on it!  It's like Christmas each and every time!
What else can put a smile on my face like it does when I see someone for the very first time create their first card?
Where else can you attend a therapy session with no copay?  lol
Yes.....16 years is a long time to be involved with anything these days...sometimes 16 years may seem like a long time....but 16 years of being a part of this wonderful company? seems like yesterday.
I believe things happen for a reason....and SU.....the reason?  Well, I think I have mentioned a few!
The kit that SU has available is wonderful....back when I signed was 3x that amount and I did not get to chose what I wanted in my kit....but heck...I didn't care...anything I received was a wonder and a thrill...but not only get to pick what you also receive business supplies for also get to chose for this month only ('s almost over)....but you also get TWO FREE STAMP SETS OF YOUR CHOICE FOR FREE!  AND>>>FREE SHIPPING!
okay..I'll step down now.....
Swirly Bird....and Swirly Scribbles Thinlits...WOW!
Did you see Micky when you saw this set?  I didn't...but a wonderful demo did..sorry..I do not recall who it was at the current time but if it was you...thank you and send me your name to give credit!
I am celebrating!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!
Celebrating my 16 years as a demonstrator!  My actual date of sign up was 6/29/00....but that was Borderline Buddies I didn't want to ruin today would actually be my full one day 16 years ago as a demo!

What other animals or creations do you see when you see this stamp set?

Well have a piece of cake with me and celebrate my 16 years.....and hopefully many many more!
I love being a demonstrator and love being your demonstrator.
Thank you for your support all these years!
I hope to serve your for many more years to come!
Have a super stampin' day!
Glimmer Hugs!

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