Thursday, September 22, 2016

Trick or Treat....I took the Treats! T hee!

As I am writing this blog post (as I usually do them ahead of time and then schedule them to be posted for the day/time I wish...I've been snacking...yes...I know...that's not a good thing to do when you are working on something and not really paying attention to what you are also ate all of those......ummmm..nevermind....

So it's a good thing I took pictures of these last evening...because there are only a few remaining in the

I had all intentions on posting my blog posts for the week last evening...but I'm having some issues with my internet/router.....what a pain!  We are so use to having everything working and at our fingertips....but I suppose.....we are spoiled....As I am currently attemping to download a video, do this blog post and watching Amazon don't think my router can take it all!  Needless to say, I have a new router ordered and en route as I type...and I cannot wait!

So....back to where I was going.....

Here's a fun bottle I picked up in the Dollar Spot at Target (which isn't all $1 anymore)...but I thought it was cute and it needed something good to fill it with....along with a cute was filled anyhow...until my snacking took over...

The bottle already came with the plastic straw along with the preprinted bottle.

I used Mr. Funny Bones stamp set which is a set of 29 stamps Item # 142245 on page 54 of the Holiday Catalog.  

I also used a strip of the Halloween Night Specialty DSP  Item # 142022

Hope you enjoyed this fun treat!

Have a super stampin' day!

Glimmer Hugs!


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