Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A crafting we will go....a crafting we will go.....

Hello and Happy Tuesday
(hey, it's better than Monday, right) ..... lol
Sorry for my absence....but as many of you know, I was very busy this past weekend...
I was involved in my very first craft show for the holiday season (hopefully not my last)
Saturday was time for finishing up projects (like my bone pens I ordered a month ago...and took a whole month to get here from China)....and getting everything together, which is a lot of work...I was a bit rusty....lol
I had thought that my daughter, Michelle was going to be joining me on this adventure on Sunday, but I got the call early Sunday morning...she was heading to the ER...with severe pain and nausea and all that goes with that.....I was so worried about her...and didn't even care if I made the show or not...but it ended up kidney stones for her....the hospital gave her meds and a steroid along with all the other fun things you go home with from the hospital to check if you pass the stone (anyone that has gone through kidney stones before knows exactly what I mean)....I wanted to head right to the hospital (which is an hour away) but what a trooper...she said, the show must go on!  So, it did!  Although don't tell her, but my heart wasn't in it...after hearing about her being ill.
Let me show you some of the pictures I took of my table...and I have to say...it took me forever to move things around, here, there, back here and back to there....I don't know...guess I just couldn't seem to focus.....actually the very sweet Mary Kay rep next to me said (when I finally sat down)...do you think you have it right yet?   hmmmm....was I that bad?  lol
Anyhow...onward to the pictures
I did take a picture of my whole table...but I guess that didn't load up....
I had a variety of items...from  Halloween, to fall...to Christmas...a bit of a mish-mash!  lol

Oh yes....I even had bones for the fur babies....woof!

These ornaments are super cute...picture doesn't show up well...but if you are a paper hoarder...yes, I confess....I AM A PAPER HOARDER! but this is a great way to use up some of those fabulous DSP papers you have been saving...or....even better yet....did you know we are having a sale on our Designer Series Paper?  Yup! 
Buy 3....get 1 FREE! 
You know the saying...if it's FREE, it's for me!  Woo Hoo!
Well, then..I still have a lot of goodies remaining...so if you are in the market for some last minute Halloween goodies, pens, pencils, and lots of other fun stuff, drop me a line if you are local and come on by and do some shopping....I'd love for you to share them with your favorite trick-or-treaters!
Have a SUper Stampin' Day!
Glimmer Hugs!

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