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Borderline Buddies OSW....a what?

Borderline Buddies Wednesday It's another Wednesday....and another Borderline Buddies. This week Leanna shouted out the idea.....a OSW....a What?  lol It's the One Sheet Wonder Idea....I think most of you if you have been with me for a while, have heard of One Sheet Wonders.  It's where you take a piece of cardstock and stamp on it all over kind of like making your own Designer Series Paper and then cut up the sheet and create a stack of cards....or whatever you wish to create!  It's a simple concept....and if you cannot seem to find the paper that you are looking for.....create your own!  It's that easy! Let's see what Leanna has come up with this week: turn..... I started this post...and then was going to add to it when I created my was quite a project...if I must say.... So...I was online looking for inspiration and what to do and I came across a 6 x 6 OSW created by Deb Valden. Her w…