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SUper Special Monday Feeling.....

Hello..... Mondays are always drab days....the weekend is over...and back to work...and the rush-rush of the thought I would show you pictures from last Stampin' Up! spoils us...and a gal can get use to this! Here's my place setting at the leader's event, Centre Stage from last Friday.....fancy?  You bet!
This kind of place setting takes me back to my days in school when Ms. Gavlick was my teacher in Home Ec. class...I loved that class....but I can still remember my age, I don't remember much but she made a lasting impression.....I know many of you that are younger than I probably didn't even have a class like this...but we learned about setting the proper so much more....this place setting brings me back to those days! 
Here was a stunning centerpiece...wasn't it lovely?  OMG....I felt so special that night!

Something I always seem to do when hosting a dinner at my house is to offer ea…