Monday, March 27, 2017

Punch Bunny Monday....

Happy Monday!
I had such a busy weekend...I did a craft show on Saturday at a local college and had a great time...although the turn out wasn't huge, it went pretty well.....and I had a fun time...and even got my spot directly by my friend Sandi who had some beautiful wreaths for sale.
I have to admit, I was wiped out after coming home and hauling and unpacking....and actually had a lot of sleep to catch up on....and pretty much that's all that I did the rest of the night.....dozing....and finally gave up and just went to bed...maybe a sign of old age?  lol
But Sunday I had to get to the grocery Tommy kept reminding me that he wasn't liking his food so much and I made a trip to the store for all the basic kitty some things for myself as well.  Then with all the melting snow, I haven't had been able to get at my trash and recyclables so was finally able to get to that and get it ready for Tuesday trash day.  Feel so bad for the trash guys as I have a ton for this week......but it is what it is.....

Finally got go my craft be creative...and I so needed craft time.

Let's see something I created.....How about this cute punch bunny?

I did a video on my You Tube be sure to head on over there and see how SUper cute and fun these are to make.....and the basic punch used?  What do you think?  Want to guess?

If you said the heart punch, you were correct....

I also used the Wink of Stella Clear over the bunny...but found it was probably better to do the wink of stella before using the it will just a thought there......My Wink of Stella is a used up one...which I added alcohol too....and it extends the use of the brush!  A little tip there!

This bunny is SUper cute and if you give it a try, be sure to share it as I would like to see yours too!
Have a SUper Stampin' Day!
Glimmer Hugs!

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