Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Embossing Without Really Embossing!

Phew!  It's HOT in here!
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Yes....we are going through a heat wave here in Northeastern PA...
I made the mistake yesterday of deciding I had to clean off my porch.....well, you know what happens, you first start off with the trash and recycle bin to the curb...then I was just going to sweep the porch...then I notice some ants in the front...then, oh my! look at those weeds!  Then maybe I need to get the bucket and clean the porch...Oh look... this porch furniture needs some cleaning....take the cushions off and to the back yard.....hose and clean them....then let's move the porch furniture around....and then back to spraying for the ants.....spraying the weeds with my Roundup....
and it seems to go on and on!
Has this happened to you?  Please say it's so...otherwise, I am pretty much nuts?  lol
Well by the time I was finished and went indoors....I literally sat down in the air conditioned house and stuck myself to my leather furniture!  lol.....had to cool down before even considering taking a shower.....and well.....then it was time to make something for dinner.
So...needless to say...no time for stamping...but I did do some creating last week...and I want to share what I played around with and I have to say....I NEED MORE!
Did you know...you can emboss without really embossing? 
I didn't want to heat up anything any more than it was...so I reached for my Embossing Paste and WOW! What fun it was......  Make sure you add these items to your shopping cart....You will love it!
Have a SUper Stampin' Day!
Glimmer Hugs!
Embossing Paste
Here are a few more items you will want to order with your Embossing Paste
Pattern Party Decorative Masks
And...don't forget this.
Palette Knives
Palette Knives 142808
Price: $5.00
Use Palette Knives to apply Embossing Paste. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

* 3 knives: 1 offset trowel, 1 offset
diamond trowel, 1 scotty knife.
Pattern Party Decorative Masks                                                 144103
Price: $6.00
Create textured backgrounds for scrapbook pages, cards, and more.

* Use with Embossing Paste and Palette Knives.
* May add color with Sponge Daubers, Stampin’ Spritzers, etc.
* 4 masks.
* 6” x 6” (15.2 cm x 15.2 cm).

Embossing Paste 141979
Price: $8.00
Texture has been made even easier:

* Mix a few drops of Classic Stampin’ Ink to Embossing Paste
* Apply over decorative masks, let dry
* May use without ink for white texture
* Matte finish. 4 oz

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