Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rain Rain Go Away - Come and Stamp w/ Me Today!

Happy Tuesday (Rainy here)
Well happy Tuesday my friends...what a wet, rainy, soggy day it is here in PA....not suppose to see the bright yellow ball (I think it's called the sun) in the sky until next week some time!
So...what do you do on a yucky day....STAMP!  I know I do!
Okay...so let's say that you are new here visiting my blog...or maybe even brand new to this "stampin' thing".....where do you start?  Where do you begin?  You don't have a lot of $$$ to spend (who does these days) and you want to be creative....crafty....or plain just do something to brighten yours or someone else's day....where to begin?  I say Paper Pumpkin fits that bill for sure! (pardon the pun).
Prepaid Subscriptions
Did you know that once a month (about the middle) you can receive a package of sunshine right at your door?  Yes....that's right and for only $20...that sunshine becomes reality...and better yet....how about a 25% discount on that $20?  Well, if you say yes to the box it can be yours...delivered right to your door each and every month (if you chose to accept it)...Sorry...I'm feeling a bit silly today!
What does the box include?
Well each and every month it's a surprise....do you love Christmas?  I know I do...and receiving this stunning box on my porch each month makes me feel like I receive Christmas each and every month (not to mention the other boxes with the SU logo on them I receive), which we won't go there.
This is a limited time special....only up until 6/10/17...so sign up TODAY!
Paper Pumpkin
The box will be nicely wrapped inside with a pretty blue tissue paper and once you open up that paper....wowsie....you are blown away...well, not really but you will love what's inside....usually a stamp set (or once it was a rotary stamp)....an ink pad (or maybe two) and a kit with all the components in it to be a creative escape to your craft side!  How does that sound?
There is a monthly video that SU provides showing you how to assemble along with picture directions inside the box to show you how to create the projects how they were designed...but it doesn't stop there...check out the internet including Pinterest, your favorite demonstrator (that's me) or many other areas for inspiration to think outside the box...and even be more creative than what is suggested...remember...what's in the box is only a suggestion...you can take that monthly adventure and travel anywhere you want it to go!
So...what are you waiting for?
Head on over to www.paperpumpkin.com and sign up...be sure to check me as your demonstrator and I will be excited to hear about your experience.
Don't like what you receive?  Just give SU a call and they will make it right!
Going away or want to opt out for a month?  Just go to your paper pumpkin sign in and opt out for that month (be sure it is before the 10th of the month) as after that it is automatically shipped.
Now....let's take a peek at past kits...oh...speaking of past kits...as a PP subscriber, you can purchase additional kits and even previous kits as a special bonus!
Another Great Year Kit    Banner Surprise Kit
Sprinkled with Love Refill Kit
Have a SUper Pumpkin Day!
Orange Glimmer Hugs to You!

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