Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I Love What I Do.....Do You?

I Love What I Do.....Do You?
Do you have a job that you love?  Does it allow you to express your creativity and bring satisfaction to your day?  Is it the kind of job that you are happy to show up to?  Does it allow you freedom to set your own hours, make your own schedule and even allow you to turn it to work in your jammies?
That sounds like a fantasy job....doesn't it?
Times are hard....things are tough...it's hard to have a full time job and then also be able to add an additional income including the qualities I mentioned above, isn't it?
I surely can relate...I've been through some difficult times in my life...we all have....but what "job" do you have that you can say you can continue to work...when you want...through whatever life experiences are thrown your way...but yet...still bring you  happiness day in and day out?
I have to say....Stampin' Up! does it for me!
Stampin' Up! allows me the freedom to have a full time job but  yet, add additional income to my household....it's not easy to find a job that is perfect for you, but I have to admit, Stampin' Up! has been there for me through good times, bad times and times when I just felt down.
Another reason why I love being an Independent Stamipn' Up! Demonstrator?
All the wonderful people I have met through my 17 years...customers....demonstrators...company heads and the ability to make new friends all throughout the world!
One of my most favorite parts of being an Independent Demonstrator is the ability to host classes in my home....and to spoil those attending my classes...give them a creative escape from their lives...and get lost in the wonderful work of Stampin' Up!.  And I love to give gifts...
This is a picture of what each person that attended my birthday class on Friday received at their seats
Wonderful what we created?
Here are the cards.....it was so much fun...it brought me so much joy to share what I love with them!

So, what do you think?  Do you think Stampin' Up! can fulfill what you are missing in your life, maybe even add an additional income to your household...or how about supporting your habit by saving money on the discount on all those products which you love so much...if so, call me!
Let's Chat and see what SU can do for  you.....there is a SUper Special going on for this month only....click on over to my website for all the details...or check back on my past postings....and you'll read all about it!
Thank you for all you do for me.....
Have a SUper Stampin' Day!
Glimmer Hugs!

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