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Showing posts from January 11, 2017

Borderline Buddies Lift Me Up!

It's another week...and another Borderline Buddies...can you believe it?
Here we are..into week two of the year 2017....before you know will be spring!  Right?
So...Leanna and I felt we should continue on with new product...there are so many new products which I love and I'm sure Leanna as let's head on up to Canada and see what Leanna has been creating.
Now...heading back to the turn to share..... Lift Me Up Who doesn't love a hot air balloon? On my bucket list is to go for a hot air balloon ride...while I'm not a fan of heights, if I am in a confined area (such as a basket), I think I would be okay....but who instead... I thought I would take the safer ride....from my stampin' desk.....
These pictures didn't turn out too well...It's really hard to get a good picture of a balloon floating....

But this card is like a spinner card....with the balloon floating in the cente…