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Paper Purses with Borderline Buddies

Welcome to another Borderline Buddies I cannot's another week....where is the time going? I've been a bit absent from my blog lately....I really don't even know why other than time seems to pass by so quick....and things seem to keep happening, but here we are today. So Leanna and I are still sharing new product...and when I usually post my blogger posts on Sunday, it is late Tuesday evening and I'm doing my post last minute....It's been quite a week Dory had a visit to the vet to get spayed on Monday and she will be coming home Wednesday (today)....Tommy and I are missing her.  Speaking of Tommy, he's been not feeling well...not sure if it's because of Dory's absence or what...but he's been sick...and I've been doing a lot of carpet cleaning....with Tommy's sickness, but the reason we are here.....Borderline Buddies! We are still sharing new products and new stuff!  woo hoo.... cannot seem to get enough abo…