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Showing posts from February 12, 2017

You're the Cherry Toi My Sundae...On Sunday.....

Yes...I'm still creating with this fun suite..... I cannot seem to get enough of it....and if you are looking for a different sort of Valentine card to send this year... Here you go...... It is perfect for Valentine's Day if you wanted to send a Valentine card but now a full blown out love, mushy stuff kind of card......or
You can change it up a bit and create a fun birthday card by putting this into the inside of the card. Any way...any reason you are sending will be well loved by the one receiving it. And that's what creating cards and sending cards is all about.....
Receiving a card in the mail is like receiving a hug....with a fold in the middle.... So be sure to hug someone you love today..... And send them a hand stamped card! Have a SUPer Stampin' Sunday! Glimmer Hugs! Susan