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Showing posts from April 18, 2017

Spring has sprung - all is good!

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by! Here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, spring is in the air!  Along with spring comes bulbs blooming and growth of outside buds on the trees...and of course.....grass growing! I did my first grass cutting yesterday and cleaned up what Mother Nature left behind during the winter months...which was not fun..... It was also time to bring out the porch furniture and hopefully I'll get some time to sit out and enjoy the warmer temperatures soon (if the kitties in the neighborhood don't take it over first). Before you know it, summer will be here!  When I think of summer I think if swimming pools, warmer temperatures, flip flops and dragonflies. I remember as a child swimming in our above ground pool which wasn't much but on a hot day it was very much enjoyed.  I always remember dragonflies buzzing about.... Do you remember everyone calling them "sewing bugs"?  I do...and was deathly afraid of them.  I was told they would come and sew u…