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Happy Monday - Early Release - Brand New Suite

Happy Monday Stampers! Wow...what a great weekend I experienced!  How about you? Friday I had such a fun time at my High Tide Stampin' was yes...amazing! The ladies had such fun making their "light up" lighthouse card...did you see it?  Did you miss it? Would you like to see a video of how you can make one for yourself?  Leave a comment in the Comment Section below....and I'll see what I can do!  :-) Saturday was my grandson, Travis' first T-ball game (if you want to call it a game) It was great fun!  Brought back many memories of when my kids played. Travis was up to bat.....he hits the ball...he runs...and then runs right to the ball he hit and picks it so funny.... I'm sure by the end of the "season" he'll know that he has to not get the ball but run to the base! Sunday, I hosted my SUEweet Stampers Team Meeting.....although it was only a small group...we had plenty of fun....lots of gifts for the gals, a fun…