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Showing posts from April 29, 2017

Sending Some Bear Hugs Your Way!

Yeah!  It's the weekend....are you ready for it? So...what are your plans for this weekend?  Crafting on your mind?  YES PLEASE! I have been going through and weeding out some of my soon to be retired stamps and I came across this really fun, whity and loved stamp set..... Bear Hugs! Some times you just need a little hug...and what better way to receive one than from a bear? No...not the grizzly kind of scary bears...but this cute and adorable family bear!
As you can see, you can change this bear to be many different types of bear...from a grizzly bear, to a panda bear to even a cute family bear!  The accessories that go along with this stamp set are just too adorable.... This set is so can be used for birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day....even for your favorite fisher-type person...male or female. I think you would not make a mistake by adding this SUper adorable Bear Hugs to your collection. Don't miss out....stamps are only being made by Stampin&…