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Happy Monday - Hurry....time is running out!

Hello - - - - Happy Monday! Can you believe it's Monday...already?  Yikes!  Time sure is flying by....just as quickly as our Eastern Palace Suite is....products are just flying out of our warehouse and everyone is seeing what a great bargain this bundle is....and taking advantage of it...we all love free products, right? It's flying out so quickly that our tassels are now on backorder!  No worries though...if you are purchasing this bundle you will still receive it; however, your tassels will be sent separately once we have received them in our warehouse.  Expected shipment of Mini Tassels are to arrive this no worries there!  That's why I always suggest to order early!... the early bird catches the tassels (bird).... Did you also notice with these fantastic bundles, not only are you receiving free new product, but you are also getting three of our new 2018-2020 In Colors!  These colors are fantastic...and you will be envied by your friends that you got them firs…